Right from the beginning there was only one vision. No capitol, no operational or economic support, only firm determination motivated by the unshakable belief in the success of creating one of life's simple pleasures. From day one in 1993 our confection enterprise has enjoyed an excellent reputation as a manufacturer of impecable cocoa creations.

Out of passion we follow the ideal of processing cocoa and chocolate in all its facets into authentic compositions using only the very best raw ingredients in their purest form. Many things have changed in all these years. Many things have come and gone. Many things were won and lost. Only the vision has remained and with it the energy we draw from it every day.


As confectioners it is for us a mattter of course to select the best cocoa beans and the best crops with the greatest sensitivity; we then process them with the utmost care in small batches. Only by virtue of having our own production, starting with the cocoa bean, are we able to accord the necessary importance to each individual manufacturing process, reproducing with the correct balance the special features and diverse aromas of the specific sort of cocoa bean. Our creations Cru de Cao - Puristique are our homage to the authentic and original taste nuances of the cocoa beans from the various regions near the Equator. With the creations of Cru de Cao - Libertee we add special selected ingredients which harmonize with the original chocolate's rich qualities.


Our Truffle & Pralines stand out by virtue of their extremely soft and creamy fillings. They are coated with a thin layer of chocolate or arranged in layers and decorated delicately by hand. Noble fillings - with and without alcohol, or compositions made out of home-made Piemont hazelnut nougat are finely matched and processed with care. Our Truffles & Pralines combine culinary quality and craft precision to make small works of art with can be enjoyed in one or two bites.


The composition of select ingredients and traditional craft manufacturing, in single laborious stages, provide the perfect framework for our filled bars. The heart of each bar is the filling, made of often unusual ingredients, arranged in a sinlge layer and sometimes two, then gently encased in select coatings. This brings us together with artist Wolfgang Nocke, for whom the composition of his works is, as it is for us, a playing field of creativity.


A glorious symbiosis of two perfectly matched aromatic solid chocolate each accompanied by exquisite ingredients. Our Cuvee Chocolates are a modern delight for the senses - both in a culinary and a visual way.


Organic chocolate is arranged imaginately with select ingredients including dried berries, exotic fruits, the best arabica coffee, flower blossoms and gently roasted hazelnuts and almonds.

Your chocolatier,

Oliver Coppeneur
 www.coppeneur.de (German Web Site)

Bruce Toy, the North American Importer for Coppeneur has more than 25 years of professional culinary experience.

After graduating from the University of Guelph with a BSc in 1982, Bruce's passion for high quality cuisine led to an apprentice cook position at the world-renowned Post Hotel in Lake Louise, Alberta and then enrollment in the apprenticeship program at George Brown College in Toronto.

In Toronto, Bruce worked with Olympic Gold Medal winning Chef Niels Kjeldsen at the Four Seasons Yorkville Hotel and with Olympic Gold Medal winning Chef John Higgins at "Sanssouci" in the Sutton Place Hotel.

In 1989 Bruce returned to Alberta to create Filmworks Catering. Filmworks catered to more than 100 films including "The Assassination of Jesse James", "Unforgiven", "Legends of the Fall", "Open Range" and "Shanghai Noon". Well-fed actors include Clint Eastwood, Brad Pitt, Anthony Hopkins, Kevin Costner, Robert Duvall, Russell Crowe, John Hurt, Annette Benning, Julia Ormond, Gene Hackman, Morgan Freeman, Richard Harris, Aidan Quinn, Casey Affleck, Milla Jovovich, Jackie Chan, Owen Wilson, Meg Tilly, John Malkovich, Andy Garcia, Mary-Louise Parker, Sam Elliot, Sidney Poitier, Roy Scheider and Jon Voight.

Bruce discovered Coppeneur during an epicurean travel adventure through Europe in 2004. To focus his passion for chocolate, Bruce sold Filmworks Catering in 2006.

Bruce occasionally works as a cast driver for the Alberta Film Industry. Productions include "Inception", "Bourne Legacy", "Interstellar", "Hell On Wheels TV Series", "Passchendaele", "Heartland TV Series", "Klondike", "Fargo TV Series", "The Revenant", "Wynonna Earp TV Series", "The Solutrean", "Tin Star TV Series" and "Hold the Dark".

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